Take Action: Fracking Threatens Health of National Parks

fracking map The rapid increase of the oil and gas extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” is outpacing our understanding of how massive concentrations of oil and gas wells impact surrounding lands. Without safeguards, fracking could significantly impact the air, water, wildlife and forests that are protected in our National Park System. (See our interactive map)

If the administration does not establish rules that effectively regulate the environmental impacts of fracking, more than one hundred of our most treasured national parks may be harmed. Without smart planning, comprehensive pollution monitoring and the best available environmental protections, this kind of oil and gas development near our national parks will diminish America’s natural and cultural heritage one park at a time.

That's why your immediate action to help NPCA address the threats posed by the impacts of oil and gas development near our national parks. Send a message to President Obama and tell him that fracking must be done in a way that protects our national parks.


Please Protect National Parks from Fracking

Dear President Obama,

Increased use of hydraulic fracturing on lands adjacent to our national parks is attended by a number of potential threats--including habitat destruction, the disruption of wildlife migration routes, the depletion of precious water resources, increased noise levels, air and water pollution, and more.

Your administration--in particular the Department of the Interior and EPA--have the power to make sure that fracking is done in a way that protects our treasured national parks. As someone who is extremely concerned by the potential impacts of fracking on our nation's natural and historical heritage, I urge you to support strong regulation to preserve our precious national parks legacy for future generations.

Thank you for considering my concerns.

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