History Lost? Turnpike Expansion Threatens Valley Forge

Photo: Washington's Headquarters, Valley Forge. | © Pauline Rosenberg

George Washington’s Continental Army Headquarters, the crown jewel of Valley Forge National Historical Park and an irreplaceable part of American history, could be damaged beyond repair if a flawed plan to expand the Pennsylvania Turnpike moves forward without improvements.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission plans to significantly widen the roadway next to Valley Forge. The project will increase the amount and speed of stormwater pouring into Valley Creek, which flows by George Washington’s Headquarters. Common-sense controls could manage the stormwater, but the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is allowing the Turnpike Commission to cut corners. Learn more.

Speak up for Valley Forge National Historical Park! Tell DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell to require effective stormwater protections in the Pennsylvania Turnpike widening proposal to protect this beloved national park. Please remember to personalize your message; a personalized letter will go a long way toward protecting Valley Forge!


Please Don't Let a Turnpike Project Destroy a Piece of History at Valley Forge

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