Tell Ryan Zinke: Protect National Parks

Photo: Glacier National Park. ©Benkrut/

Ryan Zinke, the current U.S. representative for Montana, has been nominated as secretary of the interior for the Trump administration. As he prepares for his hearing in front of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, he needs to hear from national park advocates like you. Learn more.

Sign our petition below and join fellow national park supporters in urging Representative Ryan Zinke to make national parks a priority for the Trump administration.


Make national parks a priority

Dear Representative Zinke,

As the nominee to be the next secretary of the interior, you may soon be responsible for some of the most beautiful, historic and important places in our country -- our national parks. At the start of the second century of the National Park Service, it is more important than ever that national parks have the protections and support they need to continue to be destinations for exploration, education and wonder for generations to come.

As national park supporters across the country, we urge you to:

* Advocate for increased funding for the operation of our national parks and to address the multi-billion-dollar backlog of repairs across the system;

* Safeguard protections that keep national park air and water clean and healthy for visitors and local communities;

* Protect national park wildlife and the habitats they call home;

* Recognize and advance policies that protect lands adjacent to parks, which are also critical to the health and integrity of park resources;

* Promote policies that support park managers, including recruiting and hiring younger, more diverse new rangers, scientists, and other staff; and

* Preserve America's expansive and evolving story by enhancing programs, inventorying artifacts, improving interpretation and expanding our national park system.

You will likely face difficult decisions in your position as secretary of the interior. Please make sure the future of our national parks is always a priority.

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