Say No to Oil and Gas Next to Zion National Park

Photo: Kolob Terrace. | © Paul Maynard

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is proposing to lease 4,730 acres for oil and gas development near Zion National Park. Two of the three parcels are approximately one mile from the park’s southwest border and straddle one of the park’s main entrance roads. Learn more.

Speak up now and tell them NO!

BLM is accepting public comments through March 9 on the environmental review documents for the June 2017 lease sale. Please ask them to choose Alternative B, the “no action” alternative. This would remove the parcels right next to this beloved and extraordinary national park from the sale. Please remember to personalize your comments to the BLM below, as personalized comments will go further to protect Zion.

UPDATE: The BLM has extended the comment period on this issue through March 9, 2017. Please continue to comment and share!


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