Congress Attempting to Promote Drilling in National Parks!

Photo: Colorado oil pump with Long's Peak in background. © Goodcontent/

Less than a month after a new Congress has taken office, some lawmakers are already making a direct attack on national parks.

In late January, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar introduced H.J. Res. 46, which would repeal updates to the National Park Service’s “9B rules” — safety and enforcement standards for oil and gas drilling in more than 40 national parks. If Gosar’s resolution passes, it would remove protections to avoid damage from oil and gas drilling in national parks. Why does Congress want to put national parks in harm’s way?

The Park Service’s 9B safeguards provide updated, commonsense protections for national parks, including authorizing NPS law enforcement to cite operators for spills, and ensuring operators put up financial assurance bonds before they drill. If the updates to these drilling rules are repealed through Gosar’s resolution, national parks across the country would be subjected to poorly regulated oil and gas drilling, threatening park air, water and wildlife.

Tell Congress NO, they must not move this legislation forward. Please tell your congressional representative to oppose any attempt to remove protections related to oil and gas drilling inside national parks.


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Don't Encourage Drilling Inside National Parks

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I am writing to urge you to vote against any congressional attempts to repeal updates to the National Park Service 9B rules. We must not make it easier to drill for oil and gas inside national parks.

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