Endangered Rangers? Help Us Protect Them!

Photo: © Ben Blankenburg| ISTOCKPHOTO

Protecting our national parks requires the dedicated efforts of tens of thousands of Park Service employees, from rangers who protect wildlife to maintenance staff who repair buildings to interpretive staff who greet and educate visitors. But parks are already understaffed, and a new order from President Trump will only make a bad situation worse.

The president has ordered a hiring freeze on federal workers, including staff at the National Park Service. Federal managers have less than 90 days to figure out how to reduce the size of their workforce. National parks are already operating with limited staff due to past budget reductions, and if parks are forced to further reduce their ranks, it would add insult to injury and further hurt an already stretched agency. Learn more.

Don’t let park rangers become an endangered species! Tell the administration to exempt the National Park Service from the hiring freeze.


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