UnBearable: Speak Up for Alaska Wildlife!

Photo: Brown bear and cub. © Daburke | Dreamstime.com

The state of Alaska recently filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of the Interior, in an attempt to dismantle recently finalized regulations that better protect bears and wolves on lands managed by the National Park Service.

The Park Service spent years working with the public to finalize rules that would prevent hunting methods such as baiting bears with grease-soaked donuts in Denali National Preserve or crawling into bears’ dens and using flashlights to wake and kill mother bears and their cubs. Learn more.

Tell Alaska Governor Bill Walker to stop putting wildlife in the crosshairs, and withdraw the lawsuit.

Please personalize your message by telling the governor 1) if you are an Alaskan, 2) if you have visited or plan to visit the state to see wildlife, or 3) any other information that would be helpful in protecting Alaska's bears and wolves.



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