Senators: Cosponsor the National Park Service Legacy Act Today!

Trail Closed sign at Grand Canyon
Trail closed sign at Grand Canyon National Park. Photo by NPCA.

As the National Park Service enters its next century of service to the American people, our parks need our help.

Due to years of underinvestment by Congress in aging infrastructure, our national parks are plagued with a nearly $12 billion repair backlog. Half of the overdue repairs are transportation-related: roads, bridges, tunnels, trails and parking lots. The remaining projects are comprised of visitor centers, aging water infrastructure, historic buildings, military infrastructure, docks and more. Learn more.

Recently, Senators Mark Warner of Virginia and Rob Portman of Ohio introduced bipartisan legislation, the National Park Service Legacy Act, to direct more federal funds to addressing the backlog. The bill would dedicate nearly $12 billion to national park maintenance needs over the next 30 years.

Join NPCA in asking your senators to cosponsor S. 751, National Park Service Legacy Act, today! In the letter below, please add what our parks mean to you.

NOTE: The original sponsors and any cosponsors of this bill are not included as targets of this alert.


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Please cosponsor the National Park Service Legacy Act (S. 751) today!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Congress created the National Park Service a century ago to protect America's most treasured natural, historic and cultural sites and to ensure future generations of visitors can enjoy these treasures. From Yellowstone to Gettysburg, our national parks are not only important pieces of America's heritage, they are also important to our nation's economy.

Unfortunately, our national parks face significant challenges that jeopardize their future, including inadequate budgets and a $12 billion backlog of repairs. Last year, the Park Service had less than 60 cents for every dollar necessary just to keep the maintenance repairs backlog from growing at visitor facilities, trails, roads and historic sites.

One immediate action senators can take is to co-sponsor the National Park Service Legacy Act (S. 751), a bipartisan bill that dedicates funding to national parks' crumbling infrastructure. The act would dedicate nearly $12 billion to national park maintenance needs over the next 30 years, focusing on the National Park Service's highest priority projects. The legislation would use unallocated onshore and offshore mineral royalties to fund these projects.

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