Rolling the Dice on Hallowed Ground: Help Stop Another Casino Proposal at Gettysburg

Gettysburg National Military Park
Gettysburg National Military Park. © Ronscall1 |

Thanks to national park advocates like you, two previous proposals to construct a casino within cannon range of Gettysburg National Military Park failed. Today, we are fighting the third proposal to construct a casino. This time, developers also want to include a horse race track.

To preserve Gettysburg’s historic, rural and family-friendly landscape and the integrity of this solemn memorial to the fallen, we need your support to defeat this incompatible development proposal once and for all.

Building and marketing a gambling resort at Gettysburg would conflict with the historic character of our beloved national battlefield and the heritage tourism that brings proven economic benefits to the region. With over one million families, school groups and other visitors drawn to the battlefield each year, Gettysburg National Military Park has already proven to be an enduring part of the community. Approving a horse race track and casino would forever change this treasured place. Learn more.

We cannot gamble with more than 150 years of our shared history at Gettysburg. Please tell the Freedom Township Board of Supervisors, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission that no casino deserves a Gettysburg address.


Don't Gamble with Gettysburg: Vote NO on Proposed Horse Race Track and Casino

Dear [Decision Maker],

I write to respectfully request that you vote NO on any permit or license applications related to the Mason-Dixon Downs proposal to build a harness horse race track and casino in Freedom Township. The proposed location is within three miles of Gettysburg National Military Park and a completed project would forever mar the historic character of this place. I'm also concerned that it could spur a ripple effect with future development that would further threaten the historic, rural and family-friendly character of Gettysburg.

We cannot gamble with Gettysburg's future.

Please vote NO on the Mason-Dixon Downs proposal. A horse race track and casino should NOT have a Gettysburg address.

Thank you for your consideration.

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