Help NPCA Protect Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota
Theodore Roosevelt near Medora, North Dakota, early 1880s. Library of Congress.

Meridian Energy Group’s proposal to build a 55,000-barrel-a-day oil refinery just 3 miles from the border of Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a direct threat to the park’s air quality, scenic views and night skies, and dishonors President Roosevelt's conservation legacy.

But it’s not too late to speak up and tell Meridian NO!

Currently, Meridian is working on getting the necessary permits to begin construction of the refinery. We need your help to ensure this refinery is not built within view of President Roosevelt’s namesake national park. Learn more.

Please tell Meridian Energy Group CEO William Prentice to find another location for the refinery. Remember: a personalized note from you will go further in helping protect Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


No Refinery Next to Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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