Do Not Weaken Rules for Drilling in Parks!

Oil and gas wells adjacent to Theodore Roosevelt NP
Oil and gas wells adjacent to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Photo: © Chris Boyer, Kestrel Aerial Services.

After more than seven years of open, transparent discussion, the National Park Service established a strong set of rules for oil and gas companies that drill for privately owned subsurface minerals in our national parks. Unfortunately, now the Department of the Interior might get rid of them! Learn more.

Tell Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke that he must keep his promise to protect our parks, including their air, water and wildlife, by not rescinding, suspending or revising the National Park Service rules for oil and gas operations.

Please remember to personalize your letter below, as your personal comments will go further in protecting our national parks.


Sec. Zinke: Keep Your Promise and Protect National Parks

Dear [Decision Maker],

Like you, I love our country's national parks. Today, I need the Department of Interior to keep them protected from outdated and potentially harmful oil and gas drilling operations.

As you know, badly needed updates to the National Park Service 9B rules were developed after seven years of an open, transparent public process. The rules strike an important balance that protects national park air, water and wildlife without unduly burdening energy development. These rules, as updated in 2016, deserve to remain intact.

In March, your spokesperson said you had no intention of weakening standards for drilling inside national parks. I ask that you keep that promise. Please do not rescind, suspend or revise the National Park Service 9B rules. They're fine just the way they are.

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