Mining: Not Welcome on Yellowstone's Doorstep!

Electric Peak, Yellowstone
Photo: Emigrant Peak just north of Yellowstone National Park. NPCA image.

Yellowstone is worth far more than gold. Yet, two gold mines that would threaten wildlife, waterways and wild nature have been proposed on the park’s doorstep. NPCA has joined local leaders from the Yellowstone Gateway Business Coalition in opposing these harmful proposals. Learn more.

We need your help. Ask Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to withdraw these public lands from mining for 20 years by adding your name to our petition below. Thank you for standing up for this world-famous landscape!


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Progress: 7%
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The Gateway to Yellowstone Is No Place to Mine

Dear [Decision Maker],

In a time-honored tradition this summer, millions of Americans will set out with friends and family to explore our national parks, forests and other public lands. At Yellowstone, visitors are greeted by the famous Roosevelt Arch, which marks the northern entrance to our nation's first national park.

Yet, if action is not taken, visitors could soon be faced with another sight: industrial-scale gold mines. Multinational companies have proposed two gold mines in the northern gateway to Yellowstone. One of the proposed mines would be within view of the Roosevelt Arch. These mines could have disastrous consequences on the environment, the local community and the park experience that draws millions of visitors from across the globe.

Yellowstone is worth far more than gold. These two mines would leave behind permanent scars and threaten this world-famous landscape, both in the short-term and for generations to come. Industrial-scale gold mines simply do not belong on the border of our nation's first national park.

Secretary Zinke, during your visit to Yellowstone in March, you tweeted, "The gates of Yellowstone are not to be mined." We could not agree more.

We urge both of you to act quickly to complete the joint United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management public review and withdraw these public lands from mineral development and exploration for 20 years as is your authority under law. There is too much at stake for the land, water, wildlife, millions of visitors and local communities to let these short-sighted proposals advance.

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