Protect California's Precious Desert Water Resources!

Bighorn sheep in the Mojave Desert
Bighorn sheep in the Mojave Desert. © David Lamfrom.

Imagine pumping 16 billion gallons of water from the Mojave Desert for export and sale each year! Unfortunately, the Cadiz, Inc. water mining project, which would starve the desert of much needed resources, is proceeding without the required environmental review. This is the Trump administration’s plan. Fortunately, a solution exists to stop it. Learn more.

Please tell your California state legislators to support A.B. 1000, which safeguards our desert parks, monuments and wildlife!

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Support A.B. 1000 and Protect Mojave's Parks, Monuments and Water!

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I urge you to support Assemblymember Laura Friedman's bill, A.B. 1000, which will safeguard groundwater in California's Mojave Desert that sustains our public lands including Mojave National Preserve and wildlife. This legislation would help to ensure our national parks, monuments, wilderness areas and state lands remain resilient in the face of climate change.

The Trump administration is considering removing protections for California's national monuments and advancing the Cadiz Water Project, an environmentally disastrous groundwater extraction proposal in the region. A.B. 1000 provides a safeguard for California and its significant natural and cultural desert resources. Please support this bill and help protect our parks, monuments and water.

Thank you for your consideration.

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