Help Protect Dinosaur National Monument from Drilling Threat

Echo Park, Dinosaur NM
Photo: Echo Park, Dinosaur NM. © Zrfphoto |

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is considering offering oil and gas leases right up to the boundary of Dinosaur National Monument. The agency is proposing to lease more than 5,000 acres for oil and gas drilling within 5 miles of Dinosaur, including one parcel bordering the monument, in direct view of its entrance road, visitor center and the world-famous Carnegie Fossil Quarry, its most-visited destination. Learn more.

Take action! Tell the BLM that drilling has no place on Dinosaur’s doorstep.

Please remember to personalize your message to the BLM as much as possible; a personalized message from you will go further in protecting Dinosaur National Monument.


December 2017 Oil and Gas Lease Sale

Dear [Decision Maker],

Please protect Dinosaur National Monument by deferring leases 064, 065, 067, 069, 070 and 071 from the December 2017 oil and gas lease sale (DOI-BLM-UT-GO10-2017-0028-EA) and ensuring that oil and gas leasing and development on the broader landscape does not degrade the air quality or adversely impact the monument. Drilling on these parcels of land closest to Dinosaur National Monument poses too significant of a risk to the park's visitor experience and natural and cultural resources.

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