Protect the Grand Canyon area from mining!

A hiker at Grand Canyon National Park
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For years, the Grand Canyon watershed has been protected from new mining claims, but a new report shows that the Trump administration considers the ban to be a "burden" and is intent on reversing it.

The threat of mining was one of the things that inspired President Theodore Roosevelt to designate the Grand Canyon as a National Monument in 1908. That should have settled the matter for good, but the mining companies never gave up, and want to continue exploratory drilling -- just a few miles from the park.

Not even the Grand Canyon -- arguably the most famous national park in the entire world -- can protect itself. Send a message to the Forest Service and tell them that protecting the Grand Canyon isn't a "burden" to any American! In fact, it's an honor.

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Protect the Grand Canyon (re: Final Report Pursuant to Executive Order 13783)

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm calling on you to withdraw your report, and instead recommend that the freeze on new uranium mining claims in the Grand Canyon watershed be made permanent.

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