Congress: Support the National Park Service Legacy Act

Trail Closed sign at Grand Canyon
Closed trail at Grand Canyon National Park. Photo by NPCA.

The Trump administration recently proposed drastically raising national park entrance fees to address the parks’ $11.3 billion repair backlog. Under this proposal, park entrance fees could go from $25 to $70! This could price many out of their national parks.

There is a better way to address the backlog. Congress can support the National Park Service Legacy Act, bipartisan legislation that would dedicate more than $11 billion in federal funds to tackle the backlog over the next 30 years.

Urge your lawmakers to stand up to the administration’s ill-conceived proposal and fix the parks by supporting the National Park Service Legacy Act.



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Please support the National Park Service Legacy Act!

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As one of the 1.3 million supporters of the National Parks Conservation Association, I urge you to support the National Park Legacy Act. Supporting this legislation is the correct way to deal with the repair backlog in our national parks. Increasing fees for visitors -- as the Department of the Interior has proposed -- won't address the large repair problem and will only make it harder for American families to visit their national parks.

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