Speak Up: Peace and Quiet in Peril at Olympic National Park!

Roosevelt elk at Olympic National Park
Roosevelt elk can often be seen quietly foraging in the rainforest at Olympic National Park.
© Tashka | Dreamstime.com

Olympic National Park has been celebrated as “the most acoustically diverse” and “least noise polluted” place in the lower 48 states. The park is one of the most peaceful and accessible places to find solitude -- including for veterans, some of whom suffer from the trauma of combat. Yet, the U.S. Navy’s proposal to increase electromagnetic warfare training over the park using noisy “Growler” jets threatens this peace and quiet.

Olympic is too special to be damaged by thunderous jet noise.

Sign the petition below and urge the U.S. Navy Northwest Commander to protect Olympic’s solitude by considering other viable training locations -- such as other existing airbases and military airspace in Idaho, Nevada or South Dakota -- for the Navy’s training.


Protect veterans and Olympic National Park. Train with intrusive Growler jets elsewhere!

Dear [Decision Maker],

We, the undersigned, urge the U.S. Navy to protect the natural sounds of Olympic National Park by finding other locations for its electromagnetic warfare training using EA18-G "Growler" jets.

Olympic National Park is a unique resource and serves as an invaluable place where millions of visitors -- including military veterans, some of whom suffer from the trauma of combat -- find healing peace and quiet. This place is too special to be irreparably damaged by thunderous jet noise.

Please add each of us to your list of interested parties to receive updates on "Growler" jet training in the Northwest being analyzed in the 2020 Northwest Training and Testing Range Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). With this EIS, we also ask that the Navy study and consider alternative locations for the Navy's "Growler" jet training that do not impact Olympic or other national parks.

Thank you.

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