Stand up for People, Parks and Wildlife of Alaska's Bristol Bay: Stop Pebble Mine!

Alaska brown bear with salmon
Pebble Mine is bad news for Alaska's parks, bears and wild salmon, as well as the people that depend on them. © Drew Hamilton

Pebble Mine, a massive industrial mining project proposed in the watershed of Bristol Bay, Alaska and very near Katmai and Lake Clark National Parks and Preserves, is a major threat to not only the parks, but to nearby communities, Alaska brown bears, and the world's largest wild sockeye salmon run. If toxics from the mine enter local waters, it would likely decimate the salmon populations -- and that could spell disaster for bears and Alaska's fishing and tourism industries.

And yet, the administration is pushing this project forward despite these threats.

Tell the Army Corps of Engineers to halt its plans to permit Pebble Mine and protect the communities, national parks and wildlife of Alaska's Bristol Bay!

*A personalized comment is especially effective. Please explain why protecting Alaska's parks, bears and salmon is important to you. Be sure to include stories, first-hand accounts, or if you hope to visit Katmai or Lake Clark National Parks and Preserves one day.



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