Congress: Take Action to Reduce Air and Climate Pollution for People and Parks!

A hazy view at Sequoia National Park
Air pollution, or haze, often shrouds scenic vistas like this one at Sequoia National Park. ©Paffy1969 |

As millions of people recently took to the streets across the world, calling for action on climate change, our national parks are at the forefront of the climate fight. NPCA’s own report found that 96 percent of our parks are plagued by pollution that harms nature, drives climate change, and makes the air hazy and unhealthy to breathe.

Shockingly, instead of working to strengthen clean air and climate laws to protect people and parks from pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is rolling back protections and undermining the role of science in decision making.

But Congress has the authority to do something about this. Tell your congressional representatives to keep the U.S. in the Paris Agreement and protect laws that reduce air and climate pollution for people and parks.

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