Tell Your State Senator to Defend California's Desert Parks!

Bonanza Spring in Mojave Trails National Monument
The Cadiz water mining project threatens places like Bonanza Spring in Mojave Trails National Monument. © Michael Gordon.

Imagine pumping 16 billion gallons of water from the Mojave Desert for export and sale each year! Unfortunately, the Cadiz, Inc. water mining project would do just that if approved. The project would starve the desert of much needed resources and is proceeding without required federal environmental review. Fortunately, a new bill in Sacramento would change that by allowing the state to conduct its own environmental analysis.

Please tell your California state senator to support SB 307, which would safeguard our desert water, wildlife and parks!

*A personalized message to your senator is especially effective. Tell them why you want to see the desert's water, wildlife and parks protected now and for future generations.

Note: this action alert is restricted to residents of select California state senate districts.


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