Speak Out to Protect Biscayne National Park!

Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant
Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant on the doorstep of Biscayne National Park. Photo by Ismael Gama, Jr./NPCA

For years, contaminated water from Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant’s antiquated cooling system has been seeping into the groundwater, polluting surface waters connected to Biscayne National Park and the aquifer that supplies drinking water for nearby communities.

And now, as sea levels rise and the severity of hurricanes increases, Turkey Point poses a more serious threat to Biscayne and the surrounding area. So much is at stake: endangered species, mangrove forests, and the drinking water supply for millions of people.

We have an opportunity now to make a difference and protect Biscayne and local communities. Tell the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to not allow Turkey Point to continue operating until pollution is cleaned up and a solid plan is in place to address threats from rising sea levels.

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