Congress: Fully Fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund!

Trophy home under construction at Zion National Park
LWCF can be used to prevent unsuitable development, like this trophy home at Zion National Park. NPCA photo.

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), established by Congress in 1965, is an important funding source that preserves the integrity of our national parks and public lands. LWCF allows agencies like the National Park Service to purchase properties within parks when landowners offer them for sale, thus protecting parks from incompatible residential and commercial development. But for this program to work as intended, Congress must permanently dedicate $900 million annually, the full authorized amount.

Tell your members of Congress to fully fund LWCF so America's national parks can truly thrive.

IMPORTANT: Personalizing your letter below will go further in ensuring LWCF is fully funded and America's national parks are protected. To make your message more effective, please share why protecting parks from unsuitable development is important to you. Also consider sharing a story of why you support national parks. Thank you!


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