Take Action: Protest the BLM's Bears Ears Plan!

Bears Ears National Monument
Bears Ears National Monument. © Mason Cummings/TWS

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released its final management plan for Bears Ears National Monument and it jeopardizes everything the monument was originally created to protect, including extraordinary, sacred landscapes and troves of priceless cultural resources.

The plan would open lands inside the reduced monument boundaries to off-road vehicle use, habitat destruction, and other potentially harmful development. It also leaves lands gutted from the monument’s original boundaries -- including sacred lands -- vulnerable to even more damaging activities like mining and drilling for oil and gas.

This is a slap in the face to tribal communities and others who have fought for years to permanently protect Bears Ears -- plus it’s an insult to the public who has repeatedly and overwhelmingly spoken out in favor of protecting this special place.

Take action today and let BLM Acting Director William Perry Pendley know what you think of his agency's new plan. The irreplaceable cultural and natural resources inside Bears Ears’ original boundaries must be fully protected.

IMPORTANT: Personalizing your letter below will go further in convincing the BLM to drop this plan and protect Bears Ears. To make your message more effective, please share why protecting the entire Bears Ears landscape is important to you. Thank you!


Protest of the Bears Ears Proposed Monument Mgmt Plans and Final Environmental Impact Statement

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