Tell the Army Corps: Historic Jamestown Must Be Protected!

James River transmission line at historic Jamestown
Dominion Energy's transmission line across the James River at historic Jamestown. Ismael Gama, Jr./NPCA

A federal appeals court decided earlier this year that the US Army Corps of Engineers acted illegally in issuing a permit allowing Dominion Energy’s new transmission line to be built across the James River at historic Jamestown and Colonial National Historical Park. Now, the Army Corps must return to properly assess the best alternatives to provide power to this region -- and not just rubber stamp Dominion’s preferred option.

Tell the Corps to find a solution that provides energy and protects our national parks while also protecting the public’s interests -- not just Dominion’s.

IMPORTANT: Personalizing your letter below will go further in ensuring historic Jamestown and Colonial National Historical Park are protected. To make your message more effective, please share what adequately protecting these places looks like to you. Thank you!


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