Say no to off-road vehicles in Utah parks

Shafer Trail Road in Canyonlands National Park
Shafer Trail Road in Canyonlands National Park. © Pixcom |

Off-road vehicles don’t belong in national parks. And until now, it seemed like everyone agreed. But the Interior Department is trying to force certain off-road vehicles -- UTVs or OHVs -- into the national parks of Utah with no analysis of potential impacts and no public input. In fact, the move ignores the concerns of the National Park Service itself.

Off-road vehicles have more aggressive tire treads and smaller wheels that cause greater wear on backcountry roads and lead to more dust and erosion. Their engines are louder as much as 50% louder than typical vehicles in parks which could disrupt wildlife, not to mention other visitors. And in Utah, off-road vehicles are exempt from emissions tests.

That means more dust, more noise, and more pollution, even if not a single vehicle leaves the roads.

Take action now: Tell the Interior Department to stop this senseless plan. Off-road vehicles don’t belong in national parks!

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  • Assistant Secretary Rob Wallace


Protect Utah's parks from off-road vehicles

Dear Assistant Secretary Wallace,

National parks and monuments in Utah deserve the protection granted by Congress. Slot canyons, ancient rock art and archaeological sites, caves, sandstone arches, and rushing rivers are just some of the resources that have been protected for decades thanks to the ongoing management of the National Park Service.

That is why I am deeply dismayed that you are going to allow Off-Highway and All-Terrain-Vehicles (OHVs/ATVs) in Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and other national park roads in Utah where they have never before been allowed.

The Department of Interior and National Park Service are required to follow laws and policies that will keep our national parks protected and preserved for the future. Allowing OHVs and ATVs into Utah's national parks will ruin the visitor experience and could do immeasurable harm. Do the right thing and keep Utah's national parks protected from this damaging use.

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