Say no to Eagle Crest corporate bailout at the expense of Joshua Tree!

Joshua trees at Tree National Park
Photo by Shane Farnor
Joshua Trees at Joshua Tree National Park


For more than 20 years, we’ve been protecting Joshua Tree’s scarce water supplies and wildlife habitat. But right now there’s a bill sitting in the California State Assembly that would provide a massive corporate bailout for Eagle Crest to pump critical water from beneath Joshua Tree National Park to produce energy -- and force ratepayers to foot the bill. 

The state is fast-tracking all legislation so the government can prioritize addressing the pandemic. And that means we may only get one chance to stop this dangerous bill. That’s why we are asking you to act now. 

Please add your voice now by sending an urgent message to the natural resources committee and urge them to oppose this dangerous bill and protect Joshua Tree National Park today!  


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Oppose AB2255

Dear State Assembly Committee on Natural Resources

As a supporter of our national parks, I'm writing to urge you to oppose AB 2255 (Eggman), a bill that will forward a multi-billion-dollar corporate bailout for the failed Eagle Crest pumped storage project.

The proposed project will unsustainably pump scarce groundwater underlying Joshua Tree National Park for the energy project, endangering wildlife such as the bighorn sheep. Joshua Tree is truly a state treasure that welcomes Californians across the state, but AB 2255 would force ratepayers to pay for the development of the project, ensuring harm to the park.

Considering the proposed damage to Joshua Tree and its wildlife, the massive price tag for Californians, and the fact that state energy regulators agree we don't need the project, this is the last thing state legislators should be focusing on as we work to recover from the pandemic. I urge you to oppose AB 2255 (Eggman).

Thank you for your considering my views,
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