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Arches National Park; photo by Ian Shive
Photo by Ian Shive, Tandem Stills + Motion
Arches National Park


It's long past time for answers. It's not enough to simply say that the parks should be open -- leaders in Washington need to make it happen by answering key questions with a thorough, responsible plan that takes care of visitors, staff, neighboring communities... and the parks themselves.

We're all eager to return to the national parks, but we won't do it until we're sure Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has a plan that will keep park staff and visitors safe.

Send a letter right now and ask him how he plans to keep parks, staff and visitors safe so we can all return to the national parks that belong to all of us.

Note: We know that personalized comments can make a big difference in protecting national park staff and visitors. Please take a moment to personalize this message by telling Secretary Bernhardt why safety in our parks is important to you.


  • Secretary David Bernhardt


Plan for safety in reopening national parks

Dear Secretary Bernhardt,

Along with park lovers everywhere, I want the National Park Service and Department of the Interior to put staff and visitor safety first when planning to reopen parks. Every national park should be open as soon as you can assure Americans that your plan is safe, thorough and responsible.

We want to get back to our parks, but we know that without a comprehensive plan from you, opening the parks could cause massive harm to our families and communities. Please develop a thorough, safe plan for phased reopening and share it with the American public right away.

Thank you for your considering my views,
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