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UPDATE March 22, 2010: The version of the H.R. 1612 passed by Congress on Saturday March 20th, while it includes many important elements, fails to deliver the benefits it was drafted to provide. Some last minute amendments greatly restrict the size and scope of the program and require that 75 percent of the funding be restricted to largely firefighting activities. This means Service Corps participants can only engage in a fraction of the national park visitor service and maintenance efforts that were in the original bill. These amendments change the nature of the program and limit the range of skill development for program participants.

NPCA urges the Senate to move quickly to pass a clean version of the bill that does not restrict the funding or scope of the program, that equitably and rationally distributes resources among participating agencies, and, most importantly, puts more young Americans to work in national parks in rural and urban locations across our country.

NPCA would like to thank supporters for taking action on this bill. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for news and alerts at our Take Action center so we can keep you informed of legislative developments on the Public Lands Service Corps Act of 2009.

Oppose the Nomination of Scott Pruitt

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Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has been nominated by the Trump administration to serve as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. He is not the right choice to lead the agency. Urge your senators to oppose Mr. Pruitt's nomination.

Tell Ryan Zinke: Protect National Parks

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Sign NPCA's petition and join fellow national park supporters in urging Representative Zinke to make national parks a priority for the Trump administration.

2016 Scorecard: Send a Thank You!

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Send a thank you to members of your congressional delegation who consistently voted in favor of protecting national parks.

2016 Scorecard: Encourage better votes!

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Send a message to members of your congressional delegation who consistently voted against protecting national parks and encourage them to make better choices in the future.

Parks Need More Champions in Congress

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Send a message to your members of Congress to make sure they are doing everything they can to protect national parks.

Denali Wolves Should Be Seen, Not Hunted

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The wolves of Denali need your voice. Please send a letter to the Alaska Board of Game and ask them to reinstate the safe zone around the park by adopting proposal #142. Denali's wolves should be seen, not shot.

Make Olympic National Park a Certified Quiet Park

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Support the Hear Our Olympics campaign and encourage the National Park Service to designate Olympic National Park a "Quiet Park."

Join the JBA Campaign

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Join our coalition of concerned citizens as we promise to protect and preserve the future of Jamaica Bay.

Noisy Neighbors: Quiet Down in Olympic National Park!

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Ask the U.S. Forest Service to respect Olympic National Park by denying the Navy's permit to expand noisy military jet training over the park's quietest places.

History Lost? Turnpike Expansion Threatens Valley Forge

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Join NPCA in urging Pennsylvania officials to protect George Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge with the Pennsylvania Turnpike widening project.

Tell Congress to Preserve and Protect the Antiquities Act!

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Urge Congress to support the Antiquities Act, safeguarding America's special places, and oppose any amendments or bills to undermine this important law and the future preservation of and access to our national heritage.

Our National Parks

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Please join the National Parks Conservation Association and send a message to the President and Congress that our national parks matter.