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UPDATE March 22, 2010: The version of the H.R. 1612 passed by Congress on Saturday March 20th, while it includes many important elements, fails to deliver the benefits it was drafted to provide. Some last minute amendments greatly restrict the size and scope of the program and require that 75 percent of the funding be restricted to largely firefighting activities. This means Service Corps participants can only engage in a fraction of the national park visitor service and maintenance efforts that were in the original bill. These amendments change the nature of the program and limit the range of skill development for program participants.

NPCA urges the Senate to move quickly to pass a clean version of the bill that does not restrict the funding or scope of the program, that equitably and rationally distributes resources among participating agencies, and, most importantly, puts more young Americans to work in national parks in rural and urban locations across our country.

NPCA would like to thank supporters for taking action on this bill. If you haven’t already done so, please sign up for news and alerts at our Take Action center so we can keep you informed of legislative developments on the Public Lands Service Corps Act of 2009.

Take Action: Fracking Threatens Health of National Parks

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If the administration does not establish rules that effectively regulate environmental impacts of fracking, more than 100 of our most treasured national parks may be harmed. Tell the president that fracking must be done in a way that protects our parks.

Congress: Please Restore Park Funding for 2016

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The Park Service proposed budget for next year makes a much-needed investment in our country's most treasured natural and historical places. Urge your members of Congress to support the requested funding increase for national parks in Fiscal Year 2016.

Welcome Pullman and Honouliuli National Monuments to the National Park System!

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President Obama recently designated Pullman and Honouliuli National Monuments as the next sites to be managed by the National Park Service. Send a message to the president thanking him for preserving our American heritage through these sites.

Don't Threaten East Coast National Parks with Unsafe Offshore Oil Drilling

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The Obama Administration has proposed to allow deep water oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean between Virginia and Georgia. Tell Bureau of Ocean Energy Management that East Coast national parks are too important to be put at risk from an oil spill.

Protect Desert National Parks and Wildlife!

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The Bureau of Land Management is currently accepting comments on a 5 million-acre plan that could either better protect or forever harm Mojave Desert national parks and wildlife. Join NPCA in supporting a plan that protects these national treasures.

Say Thanks and Tell the EPA to Finalize "Exceptional Protections" for Alaska Salmon!

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This summer, the EPA announced that "Bristol Bay's exceptional fisheries deserve exceptional protections." Tell the EPA to protect Bristol Bay's clean water and wild salmon.

Tell Governor Hogan and Maryland Lawmakers: Don't Give Up on the Chesapeake's National Parks!

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Now is not the time to reverse course on policies that will reduce pollution to clean water and protect Maryland's natural and historic landscapes. Tell Maryland lawmakers to protect laws that protect the state's national park waters from pollution.

Help Protect the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail and Colonial National Historical Park!

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Tell the Army Corps of Engineers to protect the Captain John Smith Trail and Colonial National Historical Park by rejecting Dominion's request to build seventeen transmission towers in the historic James River.

Keep National Parks Safe from Oil spills

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Tell Congress to make sure the Department of Transportation requires the safest measures in their updated rules for tank car safety and oil spill response plans.

Pennsylvania Residents: Tell Governor-elect Wolf to Protect Parks from Fracking Impacts!

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The introduction of drilling in or near national parks will change their landscape, as we already are seeing. Tell Governor-elect Wolf that hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania must not compromise our parks, clean water and air, and economies.

Our National Parks

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Please join the National Parks Conservation Association and send a message to the President and Congress that our national parks matter.

Tell Congress to Support our National Parks

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Send a message to your senators and representative encouraging them to support national parks when these issues come up in their committees or on the Senate or House floor.

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