Tell Arkansas Officials: Take Decisive Action and Protect the Buffalo National River!

Algal blooms on the Buffalo National River
Increased algal blooms on the Buffalo National River raise concern over the river's health. © Carol Bitting

For years, NPCA and its allies have been fighting to protect the waters of the Buffalo National River, America’s first national river, from untreated hog waste produced by C&H Hog Farms, Inc., an industrial swine facility in the river's watershed. And today, we're closer than ever to victory!

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) recently found that C&H's application to continue operating in the Buffalo River watershed lacks critical information, and that the facility may be contributing to water pollution in the watershed. This is big; we must keep pressure on the state to do the right thing.

Urge ADEQ Director Becky Keogh to take swift, decisive action to protect the Buffalo National River today and deny C&H's permit once and for all! 

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Final denial of C&H Hog Farm, Inc.'s application for Permit 5264-W

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