Tell the Senate: Oppose Bernhardt as Interior Secretary!

Oil well near Rocky Mountain National Park
During the government shutdown, Mr. Bernhardt continued to issue permits for oil and gas leasing on public lands without adequate public input and environmental review. © Goodcontent |

President Trump has nominated Acting Secretary of the Department of the Interior David Bernhardt to officially lead the agency.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bernhardt picked up where former Secretary Zinke left off, rolling back protections for our public lands by expanding oil and gas drilling, and undermining some of our country’s most vital bedrock environmental laws including the Endangered Species Act and the Organic Act, the law that created the National Park Service. In fact, parks are dealing with a massive cleanup due to Mr. Bernhardt’s irresponsible decision to keep them open with minimal staff following the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

David Bernhardt must not become the next Interior Secretary. Tell your U.S. senators to oppose Bernhardt’s nomination.

*A personalized message to your senators is especially effective. Tell them why Mr. Bernhardt is a poor choice to oversee America's national parks and why you don't support his nomination.


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Oppose the nomination of David Bernhardt

Dear [Decision Maker],

As one of the 1.3 million members and supporters of the National Parks Conservation Association, I urge you to oppose David Bernhardt's nomination as Secretary of the Department of the Interior.

These are not the actions the American people expect from their Interior secretary, the steward responsible for protecting our most treasured public lands and implementing laws and policies that keep national park air and water clean and healthy for visitors and local communities. And that's why I call on you to oppose David Bernhardt's nomination.

Thank you.

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