Take a Stand to Protect Alaska's Bears and Wolves!

An Alaskan Coast Guard, Thomas D. Mangelsen
Alaska Peninsula brown bear sow with cubs. Image courtesy of Thomas D. Mangelsen www.mangelsen.com

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has directed the National Park Service (NPS) to allow extreme hunting methods in Alaska’s national preserves, like baiting brown bears, killing black bear mothers and cubs in dens, and killing wolves and pups by trapping during denning season. This is shameful and outrageous.

Three years ago, NPS successfully banned these extreme hunting methods in Alaska’s national preserves. But now, in a complete reversal, Secretary Zinke is ordering the Park Service to surrender its authority to protect bears and wolves and return to these shameful and unethical practices.

Speak up right now! Tell Secretary Zinke these hunting methods are unacceptable, and that NPS should protect wildlife in Alaska’s national parks and preserves.

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