Speak up for natural quiet in Olympic!

Olympic National Park is one of the quietest places in America. But unfortunately, new plans by the U.S. Navy would increase fighter jet training over the park. Increased air traffic over Olympic will degrade the park visitor experience and disrupt wildlife and the surrounding park communities.

The Navy is seeking public comment on a permit that would allow them to use airspace over Olympic.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Navy that you value natural quiet in Olympic National Park. Viable training alternatives exist elsewhere and would avoid harming one of our most treasured landscapes.

Follow the steps below to take action:

Photo: Olympic National Park © Shane Farnor

① Copy this letter

② Paste it in the form

Go the Comment form >


This link takes you to the U.S. Navy's website for the Northwest Training and Testing Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement (EIS/OEIS).

On the NWTT form, place the cursor in the "Enter Your Substantive Comment" window.

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